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The event has ended. Thanks a million to everyone who attended. 🫶🏻
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Wednesday 14th June Thursday 15th June
12h Doors Opening 12h Doors Opening
13h Live DJ Set Obak 13h Live DJ Set Lauseek
14h Live DJ Set Le Tung 14h Live Act Ocult-ment
15h Live Coding Alicia Champlin (audio) + Savamala (visuals) 15h Live Coding Ivan Paz (audio) + Xiwire (visuals)
15:30h Live Coding Alfonsofonso (audio) + Savamala (visuals) 15:30h Live Coding Eloi el Bon Noi (audio) + Xiwire (visuals)
16h DJ Set Professor Wrecks 16h Live Act Bee Boys
17h Round Table What is Generative Art? with Andy Duboc, Santiago, shaderism, lilcode, Udit Mahajan and Pawel Dudko 17h Tech Talk Introduction to Generative Art with Daniel Aguilar
18h Round Table Generative Art in Barcelona with Anna Carreras, Marc L Clapers, Daniel Aguilar, Luis Fraguada and Daniel Julia 18h Project Spotlight Invisibles with Ismahelio
19h Tech Talk Introduction to Live Coding with Citlali Hernández & linalab 19h Live Radioshow Viatge Electrònic Episode 121 with Viatge Electrònic Crew
20h Live Coding Santiago (visuals) + QBRNTHSS and Niklas Reppel (audio) 20h Live Coding Santiago (visuals) + Linalab and Roger Pibernat (audio)
21h Live DJ Set Dum Dum from NZ9 b2b Babar 21h Live DJ Set Monkey b2b Dosha
22h Doors Closing 22h Doors Closing

Live Minting Experience Collect art from our featured artists: Andy Duboc, Santiago, shaderism, lilcode, Udit Mahajan and Pawel Dudko (available from 12 to 20h both days).

Local Art Wall A showcase of generative art made by the local community featuring Marcelo Soria-Rodríguez, Ismahelio, Daniel Julià, Anna Carreras, poperbu, protozoo, mek/hno, Luis E. Fraguada, Pablo Alpe and Juan Manuel Pereira.

The Vault Experience Responsive Dreams pieces in our projection room in a relaxed way.