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lilcode (Sebastian Rojas) is a videosynthesist from Chile having fun with pixels and generative systems.


Viscerally exploring modular synthesis and handcrafting emergent patterns, his works incorporates astonishing animations that resonates with nature and physics.

Embodying a feedback loop for imagining ways to visualize new systems, Sebas is part of duo @hypereikon with @aster1ai, producing collaborations that combines music and other artistic experimentations using technology.

Dream Project: dislocaciones (2023)

dislocaciones delves into videofeedback exploration through slitscan and displacement techniques.

giving rise to emergent intricate patterns and rhytmic complexities. process of disassembly and reorganization of patterns. expression with pixel as medium, transitory modulations and fluid movements. emerging complex continuous dislocation trajectories.

↓ Click on the image below to reproduce the artwork ↓

What is Responsive Art to lilcode?

Responsive (generative) art delves into the intrinsic characteristics of browsers and web pages as its medium. inherently adapting to all devices or screen types. web3 has allowed a standardized form to explore, share and create (responsive) generative art, with responsiveness at its core. It has become an artistic expression where realtime, dynamic and evolving artworks can exist with their seed securely stored on blockchain, ensuring its deterministic reproducibility across all devices.

My work explores video generation from its minimal core, using hydra-videosynth, playfully crafting complex self-modulating feedback systems where pixel patterns emerge. then combining multiples of these pixel patterns through blending modes and displacement effects, emerging even more complex patterns and trajectories. as a modular environment, hydra can be responsive to more than the dimensions of the canvas, but to the own patterns that emerge from these dimensions, revealing a hidden layer of responsiveness, as each device will emerge its own patterns, textures and trajectories.


lilcode presents outstading and powerful aesthetics that gets the best of the digital form. Playing with an advanced glitch style, you can truly experience what the insights of a pixel being transformed, bended and ultimately discarded.