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Andy Duboc

Andy Duboc born in Paris, France, is a generative artist with a focus on minimalism, movement, light, and color.


With a strong background in computer science, Andy's creative journey has been shaped by his deep curiosity and passion for exploring the possibilities of generative art. His work is driven by a desire to create visual experiences that challenge our perceptions and invite us to see the world in new and exciting ways.

Andy graduated in 2013 with a Master in Computer Science from Université Lyon II. After that he worked in the video game industry for almost 10 years in studios like Ubisoft and Electronic Arts.

Founder of Bureau Noir, a studio dedicated to visual art and experimental practice, at the crossroads of design, code and art.

He is also a member of compute, an art collective that he co-founded with friends and where they use NFT and blockchain technology as a medium to explore new forms of art.

Dream Project: Mishmash (2023)

A mixture in motion.

Variable dimensions (color, silent) - HTML, JavaScript, WebGL

↓ Click on the image below to reproduce the artwork ↓

What is Responsive Art to Andy Duboc?

For me, Responsive Art allows artists to go beyond the traditional limitations of static art and explore new possibilities. By incorporating technology, responsive art allows for infinite variations and iterations, creating an ever-evolving artwork that can adapt to different contexts and environments.

Responsive art create a new form of artistic expression that is both innovative and engaging. Unlike traditional static art, responsive art is not limited to the canvas or the physical space of the artwork.

It can exist in various forms such as installations, projections, sculptures, and performances. The use of technology allows for the creation of artworks that are immersive, multisensory, and can transform the environment in which they are exhibited.


Andy's background on game industry clearly defines his practice, where we find incredibly powerful light work and fluidity, a visual interpretation of the current state of the world.